“Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health” is the philosophy coined by naturopath Sebastian Kneipp in 1981. Kneipp products focus on the idea to provide people a simple way to improve and maintain good health through the use of hydrotherapy combined with plants and herbs.

Their simple philosophy emphasizes Kneipp products are centered on five pillars of holistic health: water, plants, exercise, nutrition, and balance. All Kneipp products are made of high-quality natural plant derived ingredients and never contain preservatives, paraffin or silicon oils, or animal-derived ingredients.

Overtired? Have a restless mind that is interrupting your ability to fall asleep at night? Stop in today and get your Sweet Dreams Kneipp Herbal Bath. Adding just a little of this potent Valerian and Hops extract will turn your simple bath into one that will help relax the mind, calm nerves, and sink you into the restorative slumber you seek. Make Kneipp Herbal Bath a regular part of your relaxation ritual and reap the benefits of natural essential extracts to promote overall health and well-being.