massage & healing therapy

The Dryland Spa offers massage therapy for healing, relaxing and restorative services to help improve overall wellness.


Recover better with customized pressure to relieve tension, promote relaxation, and expedite muscle restoration.  Personalize your experience with an aromatic oil to energize or mellow the mood.
50 Minutes   $155   |  75 Minutes   $230   |   100 Minutes   $295


Organic hemp oil is renowned for relieving inflammation, pain and muscle cramping with a decidedly Colorado mountain experience.
50 Minutes   $175   |  75 Minutes   $250   |   100 Minutes   $315


Heated basalt stones ground and center while melting tension, increasing circulation and promoting relaxation. A perfect winter warm up after a day on the hill.
75 Minutes   $250 


The classic Swedish massage incorporates light to medium pressure and long relaxing strokes to flush muscles after activity and refresh for your next adventure.  
50 Minutes   $155   |  75 Minutes   $230   |   100 Minutes   $295


A therapeutic massage utilizing heat and firm pressure. Address specific areas of tension and imbalance to improve mobility.  Arnica balm’s warming effect relieves chronic tight areas, and releases sport trigger points.
50 Minutes $155   |   75 Minutes  $230   |   100 Minutes $295


Magnesium promotes healthy muscle and nerve function, restores energy and balances sleep patterns, stimulating overall well-being. This full body massage allows this essential mineral to be absorbed through the skin.  We recommend a 10 minute Onsen soak before service to open pores and warm tissue for maximal benefit.  
50 Minutes $155   |   75 Minutes  $230


Pressure techniques performed on the hands, and feet with warm stones.  Decrease stress and anxiety in the entire body.
50 Minutes   $185


Five element acupuncture restores internal balance, creating physical and mental alignment.  This traditional Chinese therapy encourages mental clarity, stimulates healing, and promotes overall health.
50 Minutes   $185  |  75 Minutes   $255 (Initial consult – 75 min. required)

Vail Vitality Center Massage

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A 20% gratuity is suggested on all services.