by Gravity Haus

Q: What Services Do you Provide?
A: I provide specialized services for patients suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions like Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Allergies, Digestive issues, ADD/ADHD and addictions. I also specialize in techniques for releasing past emotional trauma and human performance blockages at the cellular memory level of the body

Q: What issues do you address? (Emotional/Physical)
A: Any kind of Allergy, Digestive issues, Respiratory issues like Asthma, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, Emotional Trauma and Human performance blockage release, Arthritis, and Auto-immune disease

Q: What methods do you use to treat patients?
A: All of my treatments are all completely non-invasive, and utilize either laser and or Biofeedback technology.

Q: What are the benefits to your methods of treatment?
A:  Biofeedback allows a simple, fast and accurate access point into the body to identify primary triggers that are contributing to one’s healthcare challenges. Laser technology is one of the most beneficial methods for reducing inflammation and stimulating tissue regeneration long term.   Both methods are save, non-invasive and have no known side effects other than accelerated healing benefits.

Q: When can I expect to see results?
A: Every patient is unique, and it depends on why you are receiving care in the first place. Typically, results are expected to be seen within the first few visits on some level.

Q: Are your services covered by insurance?
A: Because Laser and Biofeedback systems are not established medical practices, they are not covered by insurance for submission and reimbursement. All services can be paid for using any health savings account or flex spending account.

Q: Can you explain the different types of modules used in your treatments and how each address certain issues?
A: The ASA Balance, Body Balancing System, can assess for virtually any perimeter of the body. This is important because, inflammation, chronic pain, allergies or any other health issue are nothing more than symptoms. Being to identify, balance and correct the root causes of the symptoms will result in long term correction of that condition.   That is what the ASA Balance does. It specializes in reducing inflammation, balancing the body and clearing cellular memory.

Class III and Class IV Laser Therapy, can simply activate cellular function to reduce pain, increase neurological function and speed up the body’s natural healing response from old chronic injuries or new one.

The EVOX, Is a biofeedback devices that uses voice recognition to identify blockages in the body that are associated with various past emotional traumas or limiting factors inhibiting optimal performance whether it be in relationships, sports, career or in health. This unique technology has literally changed countless lives and can accomplish profound change in just a few short half hour sessions.

Q: Can you walk me through the initial consultation (What to expect)?
A:   If a client is interested in a consultation, they will receive a full patient history intake document as sell as an emotional profile document. Both of those forms are required to be filled out upon arrival of the consultation.   Dr. Steven Schwartz will review the intake forms and discuss various treatment options based off of the needs and wants of the client. At that point, a treatment plan will be created and the option to begin care can take during that initial session.

Q: How much does it cost for a session?
A:   Vitality Center members can have a consultation with Dr. Schwartz only 50.00. That fee does not include a treatment. All modalities are 100.00 each. Multiple modalities can be scheduled into on treatment session. Packages are available as well.


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