by Gravity Haus

Q: What does Jamie Shapiro specialize in?
A: Jamie is an executive coach and nutritionist. She helps people develop a keen awareness of how both their health and mindset have an effect on their capacity to reliably tap into their capabilities.

Q: What can I expect during a session with Jamie?

Q: Can she help me lose weight?
A: Jamie works with people to optimize their health. Health optimization leads to people achieving the ideal weight for their body.

Q: Can she help me with food allergies?
A: Jamie can help you determine food allergies and develop nutrition plans based on any intolerances you may have.

Q: Are her services covered by insurance (HSA)?
A: Unfortunately, they are not.

Q: What are the benefits of seeing a nutritionist?
A: There are many benefits to seeing a nutritionist. Each person is biochemically different and finding the right nutrition plan for your body can be difficult without guidance. Jamie is also an executive coach, which allows her to focus not just on the science of nutrition, but also the emotion. She is able to work with clients to find a powerful place of change to improve overall health.

Q: How much does a session cost?
A: $250

Q: How many sessions does it take to see results?
A: You will learn and grow from the very first session. Jamie recommends 5 sessions to get a firm foundation for your overall plan.

Q: What is a customized nutrition and wellness plan?
A: A customized plan is based on your biochemical individuality, lifestyle and vision for your overall health.

Q: What is Jamie’s availability?
A: Jamie is at the Vitality Center every Monday for appointments and can meet with clients via video conferencing or phone the other days of the week.

Q: What is an Executive Life Coach? And what are the benefits?

Executive coaching is focused on helping leaders achieve new levels of success through reestablishing the connection within. Leaders are often tasked with incredible levels of responsibility making focusing on oneself more and more difficult.  Coaching provides an opportunity to achieve new levels of personal and professional fulfillment through taking a comprehensive dive into all aspects of life including career, family, work-life balance, values and health. Coaching helps clients create personal and professional transformative change by establishing a strong and powerful partnership. Thought-provoking and creative processes inspire clients to further define and refine their values, goals and leadership.   Through executive coaching clients are able to maximize their personal and professional potential and reach their life goals.


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