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Q: What is the human performance metabolic test?
A: Sigma’s Advanced Metabolic Profile is the only method to accurately determine the body’s INDIVIDUAL nutrition demands for both weight loss and increases in fitness. This profile will also identifiy the intensities of exercise that lead to the greatest benefit per unit of time you invest in it, thus adding an element of precision that you CANNOT ascertain from simple field tests, alone. The equipment used in this profile is of the highest caliber- typically only found in clinical settings and Tier One research institutions. Sigma is proud to be an authorized and licensed user of the Parvomedic TrueOne 2400, which is also used by the National Institute of Health, American College of Sports Medicine, and NASA.

Q: What do the tests measure?
A: These tests measures your fitness as a function of oxygen consumption and your abilities to consume fat over carbohydrates both at rest an any exercise intensity. The incorporation of this information will have dramatic repercussions on the benefit you receive by perfectly aligning your nutrition and exercise for the achievement of your personal goals.

Q: Do you test both bike and run?
A: YES. The bike test will be conducted on each participant’s personal bike and not a standard stationary trainer.

Q: What can I expect during the test?
A: The profile will consist of a series of increasingly difficult stages each designed to identify limitations in regards to your ability to lose weight or properly train for increased aerobic fitness. The test can be completed on a submaximal or maximal basis if the patient suffers from a physical or cardiovascular issue preventing high intensities of exercise.

Q: How much does the test cost?
A: $349.00. This includes the test, initial consultation, report, and follow-up. If you have both the run test and cycling test done, the cost is $598.

Q: What are the benefits to this test?
A:   Increase training precision for anyone limited by personal or professional schedule.

Optimize body weight and lean body mass for increased health and vitality

Highlight the exercise intensities that lead to the greatest improvements in aerobic capacity and anaerobic power.

Identify to the calorie how your body uses fats and carbohydrates at rest and at moderate to high exercise intensities

Understand your fuel economy as an athlete and how this effects your experience when participating in sustained endurance exercise

Q: Is this test covered by insurance?
A: At the moment, no. However, we in the process of working with 3 major health insurance providers for reimbursement and are making significant strides towards coverage.

Q: Will this test help me lose weight?
A: The profile itself will outline the exact nutritional steps necessary to make your body more dependent on the usage of fat at rest which is the primary vehicle for weight loss and lean body mass optimization.

Q: What happens after the test is complete?
A: You will be given a 30-40min initial consultation over the materials so that you understand the framework of what happened during the test. At this time, the raw information will be presented to you in manner that is easy to comprehend as well as available for immediate incorporation into your lifestyle. Within 48hrs you will be sent via email, a beautifully constructed complete report of your profile data along with more information in regards to your current metabolic status. This report will be accompanied by a follow-up phone call (typically around 30mins in length) so that you gain more insight into which directions (both nutritional and exercise-related) will benefit you most in regards to your personal goals.

Q: Will this test make me a better athlete?
A: This test will provide you with every piece of information that will allow you, as the athlete, to overcome your limitations by increasing the benefit of each minute you spend training. This information is designed to provide an element of precision to anyone training on a time-limited basis.

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